Oscar Says …

OCD is listed by the World Health Organisation as ‘one of the top 10 most disabling conditions (including physical ailments) in the world’. (www.ocdaction.org.uk)

‘Oscar Says …’ illustrated in a simplistic way the nightmare that is obsessive compulsive disorder. We all have obsessive traits and behaviours, so do not be afraid of them. OCD is only diagnosed when repetitive thoughts and rituals become so impossible to ignore that they incapacitate you and take control of your life. ‘Magic thinking’ often occurs as a result of this illness, and the irrational belief that your thoughts have the power to make bad things happen is overwhelming and impossible to ignore.

Many people only associate OCD with rituals that revolve around order, cleanliness and contamination; one of my aims is to show that there is much, much more to this illness, and that it can all take place in your head. The fact that you do not choose your OCD thoughts (and that you despise them) does not seem to bring comfort; instead you continually convict yourself of crimes that you did not commit, fearing that others will pass the same judgement. For this reason writing and publishing about the experiences I have encountered has been a difficult, but important process.

Although I write about what Oscar might ‘say’, the ‘voice’ of Oscar is simply the sound of a negative inner voice.

Copyright: Rachel Piper, 2010