Moth Trapping

I’ve started moth trapping again (only with light!), and was really pleased to see that they were running a trap at College Lake on Friday night. The colours and patterns on the wings of moths can be very exquisite, but they do get a bad press. Of the 2,500 moths that live in Britain only two species will eat clothes. Clothes moths (or rather their larvae) only eat fabrics derived from animal sources, such as wool, they are attracted to items left in dark, undisturbed places and they prefer dirty clothes to clean ones. And think of all the birds and bats that rely on them for food!

I visited College Lake on Saturday morning to see what they’d captured, so here are a few of the photographs I took before they were released. My favourite is of the buff-tip on silver birch; what amazing camouflage!

UM152 UM149 2Y6A5152UM148UM155 UM154UM153UM156 UM158


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