Heligan v. Eden/ 6d v. 7Dii

We spent last week in Cornwall, visiting the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan (or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as I prefer to call them! ). It was the wrong time of year for the outside gardens at Eden, but I loved the domes. Even so, I think Heligan won the prize. The gardens were far less manicured and best of all was the fact that birds came and sat on the picnic tables, which meant we had to buy cake to share! I managed to take lots of photos and was very pleased with the results. I did have a wobble about my new camera though, but since returning home I have found out where it belongs in my camera world!

I hadn’t planned to use it for macro, but there is something magical about putting a macro lens on it even though it’s not quite as sharp or detailed. Maybe it’s because I can get closer. The first photo is from the 6D and the second from the 7Dii.



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